Why does glas not display like in the example?

I made a glass material and add a blue color in the panel. However, in the material panel it is different and does not show the color. Same when applied. How do I create colored glass that show the color?

The one in the smaller one is still the OpenGL version. I don’t know why the Raytraced version for the smaller preview doesn’t show, but it should look the same as the bigger one. I think you can right-click on it and choose to update the thumbnail.

I see that that image has updated though I didn’t do it.
It appears the glass tint color shows only in Raytraced mode. Is that correct? Because the blue tint is never visible in Rendered mode and the glass looks like it does in the smaller material image.

That is correct. Rendered mode currently can’t do tinted transparent materials well, only Raytraced and Rhino Render (in v7).

Apparently the updating of the thumbnail took very long.