Online viewers for rhino files

make sure to save your models in rendered view before sending to these the viewers.

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the threejs editor supports 3dm files

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Ok, I tried them all with a 90mb Rhino file.

rview - crashes the browser, very unstable even with 20mb file
Online 3D Viewer - no layer state, textures are loaded manually, separately. - maximum file size 35mb. - doesn’t read the scale of the models, so for mm, panning and zooming don’t work -the price is irrational, enscape is more affordable than this and it can do much more!


we are working on a new version of irhino for mac os.

I tested those on windows and none of them is reliable.
I don’t use apple.

have you contacted the developers of those viewers with your issues? We don’t make or directly support them here.

@theoutside , Honestly i don’t support them either. All of them are under-developed. But I wish for a progress, especially the one that comes from McNeel.

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Will beta testing be available…? It would be great for my field superintendents to have my rhino files on their iPads.


my understanding is that the beta will open to the public soon.

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Hi Kyle, did you mean for iOS (iPad and iPhones)? Or are you porting the existing iOS iRhino to Mac OS?


It’s a complete rewrite of the old app. At the moment its just a viewer.

for ipad and phones


I am very excited about rview. Can you tell me if the file i Open in the viewer gets uploaded or copied to a server? Or is the website opening the file directly from the desktop on my Mac? I want to recommend this URL to everyone but want to confirm that the data is not being uploaded any place that I am unaware of.

Thank you,

noooo… your data is always yours.

How does rview work? I am trying to input my Rhino 7 3dms and cannot get them to open, is there a special method to upload your files in the rview portal?

Hi Antonia -

No, that should simply be hitting the Open button:

Note that, to be able to see shaded surfaces, the file has to be saved in a shaded display mode.

I’m currently developing a tool for sharing Rhino models. I’d love to hear about your current pain points and what features you all are looking for in a product like this. So far I’m seeing that unreliability with large files, and a lack of support for layers and textures seem to be issues.

One question when it comes to large files: is it essential to your workflow to upload whole files in their entirety, or would exporting a compressed mesh version (as an FBX, for example) be an option? This would help with performance when viewing models in the browser.

You can see a bit about what I’m building and sign up for the waiting list here:

you can scale the result easily within the threejs editor.

It seems only simple models can be open from rview after testing a few files. Is there certain limits as to what files can be open? Is it file size or the number of objects in the model?

Again, the same problem: still no reliable online viewer.
@theoutside : rview has no share option, has camera rotation bug which makes the model disappear. has no layers…
@wim VIEWPORT website doesn’t work anymore
@fraguada three.js editor the whole interface is just too messy. You get an out of scale model, black, with Z reversed by Y axis.
@danielmaslan modelgram looks interesting. I wait for the demo.

From all of this rview still looks most promising. It looks like it just needs a very small push in development.
Fix the camera, there are some display bugs with mirrored blocks, and add the option to load up from any cloud drive.