Online Rhino Viewer

Hi all,

I made using rhino3dm.js.
It’s a free tool to preview and share 3D models right from your computer or phone browser.

Here’s a video of how it works:

Give it a try, it’s still a very primitive project and surely has many bugs, but I’m excited to get the community’s feedback on it.


That works cool. Looks great.

On my phone I can download a 3dm and view it on the viewer. Is there any way to allow a url to be entered directly to view?

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woooow! it works perfect!
thank you!

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This is nice, however…

I have a lot of blocks with origins not on the zero point and all those blocks seem to be displayed on the zero point instead of their local position.

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Hi @martinsiegrist ,

I have not extensively tested this with blocks. Do you mind sharing your model so I can do some debugging?

That’s a great suggestion @scottd
It’s definitely possible, I’m going to add that to feature requests and hopefully have it in the next release.

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Here’s a test file containing three blocks with attributes, baked with Elefront.
The text dots visible on the screenshot aren’t baked.

Below also a of Keyshot, where blocks do have a benefit especially when using animations.

20_06_22_three_blocks_array.3dm (104.8 KB)


I pushed a new update to handle the blocks properly. Give it a try now


Hi @scottd

I did some experiments on adding support to load from a url, the link below has a version of the app with a url field:

The problem is that, since everything is done client side, for this to work, the resource needs to have flexible CORS policy.

So while it works for a url like , most file sharing services (dropbox, google drive, wetransfer) have strict CORS policies which block requests made by browser from a different origin.

I think I’m going to hold of on this feature in production for now.


Nice work @mkarimi! Very cool.

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Very cool Morteza! I was working on something similar while putting rhino3dm together that I just haven’t had any time to really get to a useful level.

I would be happy to collaborate or share thoughts on how to improve these tools in the future.


Looks very nice @stevebaer, I love that the appearance resembles the original Rhino appearance. Are you using compute in any way for this?
Absolutely, I would love to combine efforts to make these as useful as possible for the community.

No compute being used at this point. It’s one of those projects that I never can find the time for.

@stevebaer and I decided to merge these two projects in an effort to not repeat ourselves and to deliver the best tool possible.

We’ll be open sourcing the codebase and everyone is welcome to contribute.

There will be some time before the URL is pointed to the new project, in the meantime it’ll remain accessible at


The rview repository is now open source


Very impressive! It doesn’t appear to want to open some files I give it - does it work for the rhino 6 format also?

It should open all versions of Rhino files. If there are files that aren’t opening, fell free to send me the model and I’ll see what can be done.

Sorry Steve, I meant the one at, so perhaps no longer relevant.

Hi @fergus.hudson, I haven’t had much time recently to work on but I’d be curious to look into what’s causing the issue. Can you provide the problematic file by any chance?
Anyway, @stevebaer and I focused our efforts on rview so that’s the most up to date. Maybe at some point in the future I merge those back into for those who are interested in its sharing featue.

fr4.0.3dm (165.9 KB)

This one @mkarimi. It opens fine in rview though.