Online 3D Viewer now opens 3dm files

Hi All,

Our open-source model viewer is now able to open .3dm files in your browser using the rhino3dm.js library.

What do you think? :slight_smile:


Cool stuff! Congrats.
I took it for a spin on a quite large landscape project (2.9M triangles), and it’s super fast and nice, but making it orbit around the desired point is close to impossible. It would be nice if it orbited around the “pick point” and or around the selected object(s).
Nice stuff for sure though!

Good Work! Is it possible to change background color?
Is it possible to share a link to mode view site without model itself, or without info where loaded model came from?

Also I see opened model meshes color is not corresponding to rhino color or render color.

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I was also wondering about the color…

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve already added issues about background color and orbit improvements.

About the colors: I tried to match colors in the viewer with the render materials in Rhino. Of course, there may be errors. I’d really appreciate if you could send me some models where you see problems with colors.

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Great viewer, I like
Sorry maybe a stupid question,
Can I protect my by url uploaded model, so the people where I share it with can’t download it?

Very nice viewer indeed, Thank you! Is it possible to have objects show colors by their assigned layers? Looks like right now only the default color is available; am I correct?

Cool viewer!
Another wish would be per-face material assignments.
Thank you very much!