Online viewers for rhino files

The model is opened locally on your browser, for sharing we’d have to upload it to a server. Not sure that’s something we have the infrastructure for. Same thing can be achieved by sharing a google drive or dropbox link maybe?

Can you clarify what you mean by model disappearing? A screen recording will be great.

This was my personal project, I think my credit card on file has expired. I can try to revive it if it’s useful.

Hi Morteza
I just tried review for the first time now.
And I also had my model simply vanishing.
I think it happened when I used the ZoomExtend.
I had one of the provided example file [ring] opened before [it didn’t disappear with the ZoomExtend] .

It’s great you are developing this.
Please would you try to keep it as simple and minimal as possible… the default.
With any fancy pro tools that may be added, packed into an Advance area.
So customers and other tech-shy people won’t be intimidated to view out work on this promising viewer .

thanks a lot

hi @mkarimi
Super thanks for looking into this!

Indeed this is how other online viewers do it. Grab the 3dm file from a cloud storage service.

Below, the screen recording with the model disappearing:

happens with both graphic acceleration on and off.

Looks like a camera near and far plane issues. I don’t think we’re setting those properly in rview

Unfortunately this project isn’t being actively worked on. But maybe that can change in the future

Well that’s too bad, it looks like it gathered some interest, almost 8k views.

Also, in my opinion, an online viewer will help make rhino even more popular, by sharing models with contractors, clients etc.

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Does anyone know of a self-hosted open-source 3D viewer solution that supports 3dm or USDZ formats? is open source and supports 3dm, not sure about USDZ

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here’s a cool one from this Swiss team: