Online Help - open with navigation WISH / Improvement

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the rhino online help uses a Frame Layout. As far is I understand, not the latest concept - but i do not care (let s not discuss this aspect).
But what i am missing it the nice link at the bottom of the old Rh 5 - online help
"Open topic with navigation"

can we please have this link back for Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.

This link is really esential, for using Google-Search on the Help-Page - as google will find the inner Frame page - and not the navigation.

google hits for “rhino help move” …

-> open with navigation at the bottom
-> navigation missing…

if i want to find other Transform Commands or see the context of the command the user is lost…
Thanks - best regards -tom

did somebody have a look at this ?

Dear @pascal and @Gijs

this is still the case - search for any rhino command
“rhino3d help patch”
and google will find the inner help topic / html.

please add an “open with navigation link” for all pages.
Please do it for the V7 and V8 version of the help as google will stuck for the old pages for quite some time … some hits still point to the V5 help

thanks, kind regards -tom