Rhino 7 offline help

Is there any plans for releasing downloadable help for Rhino 7?

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I’d also like know the answer.

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I’d also like to know this. Trying to actually use help is so slow as to be a waste of billable time.

Just following up to see if there is an estimation as to when the off-line help will be available. I’ve fully deployed V7 across all our facilities now and the request for a help file is starting to come in pretty regularly. I tell the users “it’s coming” but that doesn’t seem to be what they want to hear. If I had a rough ETA that would be helpful.



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Any estimations on when we can get off-line help? This is still an issue for us.

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Command List of the online help is here: Command Quick Reference | Rhino 3-D modeling

@KelvinC Searching for a command name in the above online help is generally waste of time because there is no index. For example, when I search for “Move command” I find nothing. When I search for “Move” I find 105 words.

But the Move command help is the first in the list.


There is also this:

Aclually, the first one is remove in Arrowhead (Create or remove an arrowhead on a curve.)

How are you searching for that - I don’t see that happening at all here, the search for ‘move’ returns what I showed above.

Sorry, it’s on the list. I added a comment.

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I have already explained in my first post that I was searching in Command Quick Reference | Rhino 3-D modeling

You were searching in Rhinoceros Help
Yes, you can go to alphabetical list, but index would be faster.

You searched the web page with the web browser’s search box.

The search box below searches the indexed database that is built when the help topics are compiled.

The topic is about offline help. How did it get to problems with the online help?

@brian @KelvinC Is there any likelihood this will ever get enough priority to actually make the help file available for offline use? There doesn’t seem to be much in the recent version 7 release candidates. Maybe there will be some time?

Hi everyone,

Before @brian has time to fix WWW-1161, I created a self-extracting zip file to install the latest English offline help for Windows. It will be installed for the current user of Windows.

Download Rhino 7 for Windows Offline Help


@KelvinC , I installed HelpOffline, but interferes with Onlinehelp, and when the search my system been Freeze, when I cut off the Internet, it becomes OK-how can I disable ONLINEHELP or in Firewall?

The offline help delays because of a script error in the welcome page. It does not mean Rhino is accessing help topics online.

You can see the same delay if you open the welcome_to_rhinoceros.htm in %LOCALAPPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Localization\en-US\Help\information

I’ll study how to fix the script error. I’ll update the download when it is fixed.


Fixed now. Please download again from the link above and install the files.



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Hi @KelvinC,

That link is not working for me. I click on it and nothing happens.



@DanBayn RMB …Save link as

@KelvinC Thanks

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