Need Help with Control points

Hi there, I am new to Rhino 7. I have been trying to use my control points by manipulating it vertically, but it seems I can only manipulate it in all directions horizontally. Please assist, thank you

I’m assuming that by “all directions horizontally” you mean up and down and sideways, but not “into and out of” the screen. Do you have only one viewport open on your screen? Usually a beginner will have four open: a front, side and top view with a perspective view as the fourth. Each viewport has a “cPlane”, a topic you need to become familiar with. Cursor motion in each viewport is normally constrained to the cPlane, so if you want to move an object in a particular direction you would do that in the appropriate viewport .If you are using Rhino while connected to the internet you can set up Rhino’s interactive help which presents a short help topic for each command you use as you are using it.The actual help file comes from the internet.

You should start by working through the modeling portions of the User’s Guide, Level 1 Training Manual and Level 2 Training Manual. The training manuals can be used as stand-alone tutorials.

Learn to use Rhino

Learn to use Rhino with tutorials on Rhino for Windows, Rhino for Mac, SubD Modeling, Jewelry, Grasshopper, Rendering, Drafting and Printing, Digital Fabrication, Developer Tools.

You will find links to these various help topics at the top right of your Rhino window under the “help” menu selection.

Then start modeling. Model simple shapes and gradually add complexity.