One View and Custom CPlanes - SUGGESTION


I often work in the OneView CPlane mode to allow me to work in a single perspective viewport. This is great. I also often use Custom CPlanes which I save in the Named CPlanes panel. This is also great.

But, I don’t think they work very well together, unless I’m missing something. If for example, I’m working in OneView and I want to momentarily activate a Custom plane from my list to work on, as soon as i rotate the viewport, OneView over-rides it and toggles through the other planes (as expected). In this scenario, doesn’t it make more sense that the act of selecting the CPlane from the Named CPlanes lists, over-rides the OneView? I almost want an over-ride checkbox, or some function that works together with the Named Cplane panel.

Auto CPlane does this somewhat (which is a great addition by the way!) with its ‘Lock’ and ‘Sticky’ options…

In conclusion, I think that there needs to be better syncing between the two functions, which are good in their own right…

Would be good to get others thoughts on this type of workflow/process.