Offline VB debugging comm failure

VS2022 plugin debug comm attempt.txt (1.2 KB)

Since the computer is not connected to the internet these communication attempts seem pretty futile! Is this minor annoyance fixable?

@KelvinC This seems like something similar to the offline help issue you fixed, but coming from a different part of Rhino. Apparently no-one noticed this post so I thought I’d see if you could direct it to the appropriate developer?


The failure is about loading Rhino Blog and Tips on the start splash.

There is a registry that can completely block Rhino from accessing Internet.

In Windows Registry Editor, open

Change DisableInternetAccess from 0 to 1.

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Well OK! I’ve often thought that Rhino needed something like that, but assumed it didn’t. Of course I haven’t ever sat down and exhaustively reviewed all the options nor the registry entry list. Have you (McNeel) ever considered asking during the installation of the offline help whether this entry should be set to one permanently? Maybe adding it to the advanced options and documentation for users that would benefit from the ability to change from offline to online at will? (In my case the computer is full time offline.)

I must ask, though, will changing this setting to 1 affect any desirable offline behavior that is now available while it is set to 0 and the machine is offline? Just checking: I can’t imagine how it would.

You are an incredible fountain of knowledge on things like this. Thank you.

DisableInternetAccess can be set during scripted installation. It is only mentioned on mcneel wiki.
I think it is a setting for administrators. End users don’t usually want to block themselves from accessing Internet. :grinning:

I believe, for Rhino, DisableInternetAccess=1 is equal to setting it to 0 and the machine is offline. You will not be able to use the features that require Internet connection. For example, checking for update, cloud based licensing, installing plug-ins from package manager, use the materials that need to download textures from Internet. (There’s the DownloadLibraryTextures command for downloading all textures for offline use.)

I was asked to find out all the features in Rhino that access Internet in the foreground and background when DisableInternetAccess was added.

Exploring this a bit further, if 0 and offline Rhino still attempts to use the internet with the results I have posted: timeouts delaying help, error messages being displayed. Does Rhino now check the registry entry before each attempt to contact the net and abort the attempt, thus avoiding these artifacts? (I haven’t had a chance yet to modify the registry and see for myself.)

Nevermind. I finally had a chance to check out the wiki link you provided. It was pretty clear. Next up: change the registry.

Thanks again.

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Finally got a chance to change the registry entry and see what happens. There’s apparently a logic error in how it’s handled - when Rhino loads the help window says “No internet access” and nothing else. The offline help is not invoked. Oops.


Sorry. I forgot this issue is still on the bug list. It was reported when DisableInternetAccess was added.

I guess I can revert to the hosts file ploy for these requests as well.

You don’t have to. The latest update of offline help no longer lags in your network configurations.
The hosts file trick is most likely not helpful with the problem about VB debugging failure.
Now RH-53073 is fixed in 8.8. Hope everything works for you in 8.8.

Wow! Thanks! Now if only the fillet folks could respond as quickly as you do. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Geometry issues are more difficult to fix.