Login without internet -- **NEW INSTALL OF RHINO 6**

Hi All

So I have a problem. A windows 10 update made it necessary to reset my laptop system, and now my computer wont connect to the internet. (Thanks, Microsoft updater)

I did a new insall of Rhino (I have my installers saved) and have my license key, but even when I try to “only connect one computer” it seems to be looking for an internet connection.

What can I do?

EDIT: Was able to hardwire and get my license going. But for others, and for the future, what can be done without connection on first isntall?

When you try to add a license stand-alone and the Rhino Validation process detects there is no Internet connection, after about 30 seconds, Rhino presents you with offline validation instructions. These include a URL to visit, a machine ID, and your license key you will need. This will give you an offline validation code you will need to enter into your offline Rhino within 24 hours of generating it. If you wait too long, you’ll need to go back and generate another one.

:thinking: I smell something fishy. Use your mobile internet to download the drivers for your lan/wifi adapter, if you don’t have them on a removable device already.

Using your key upon installation should allow you to use the software without internet.

Yes, it gave me that, but how would a URL be helpful without internet connection?

I believe the message instructs you to use a device WITH an Internet connection. This can be an unrestricted computer somewhere else, or even a smart phone.

Rhino license validation requires an Internet connection. It’s easy if the Rhino computer has that connection. There are a couple more hoops to jump through with an air-gapped Rhino computer.

You can not run Rhino indefinitely without a Validated license.