Online Help not working - Appears to be McNeel server problem

V6 online help is not working. Says I need to be logged in. I’m logged into the internet which is how I’m posting this message.


Update. Just closed Rhino on my laptop, moved to my desktop and opened Rhino V6. Had panel appear saying I had been using Rhino on my laptop and did I now want to use it “here” (on my desktop). Said yes and Rhino V6 is now working on my laptop. But help is still not available.

Looks like the problem is on McNeel’s end.

Second update. I tried logging out of the Cloud Zoo which closed Rhino V6. Then started Rhino V6 and logged back in. Help still does not work and tells me I need to login to the website.

@davidcockey, Sorry, I updated the help files a few hours ago, but forgot to change the permission setting. it should work now.