Wacom BUG with Zoom and Pan

Hey everyone. I have been using Wacom tablets with Rhino since 2004. With a simple configuration of buttons (Bottom=Left Click Top=Middle Click) I find it much faster than working with a mouse. And a lot less demanding on your hand. (I use it for many hours everyday)

Since I upgraded to Windows 10 there is a horrible bug when zooming and Panning. When you crlt+R click it just doesn’t work. It is driving me mad! Anyone experiencing the same problem? Tips?!!!

I am getting some horrible keyboard dropouts in Win10; (all randomly) F2 stops working for rename; Windows key stops working (similar to yours), capslock (this one is frustrating!!!)

Not sure where to start to solve this; most frustrating thing it it works perfectly 80% of the time…

I haven’t noticed it on other key. Only when pressing crlt+R Click and shift+R Click but like you said it happens maybe around 40 or 60% of the occasions.

Hi, I realize it’s an old discussion, but since I’ve got a similar problem I tough reply here was better than open a new one.
I just upgraded to windows 10 too, and now I’ve got some issues with my Wacom pen.
I used right click and double click as pen configuration, but now the right click (bottom button on pen) doesn’t work.
It work only as zoom and pan or simple click but not as a right click even if I set it in the control panel.
When I need to change something on level panel I have to open the menu clicking the touchpad right button because the button on the pen doesn’t open it anymore, it’s quite irritating.

I’m confuse here I don’t know how to fix this. It just worked fine with windows 7, but I’ve got this issues only with Rhino not with other software.
Thanks for any help and sorry for my english.