Obtain smooth mesh at two surface joints

Hi… I have a geometry made of surfaces which looks like the below (say figure 1).

objective is to have a smooth mesh geometry something like below (say figure 2).

I tried to mesh using panelling grids->create panelling grid->surface domain->panelling from grid. however the mesh at the two surface joints doenot ending up like figure 2. how do i achieve the mesh of figure 2 for figure 1.

Rhino model of figure 1 is attached herewith.
forum.3dm (94.9 KB)

Any help is highly appreciated.
Many Thanks,

From all of your posts, it looks like you want to make a mesh to be used for SubD modelling.

At any rate, if you log into Discourse with the eMail address that you used to register Rhino 5, you will be able to download a WIP version of Rhino 6. There is a QuadMesh command there that will allow you to make (or at least get a lot closer to) that result automatically. It is Work-In-Progress though…

hi wim, figure 2 is done using panelling tools. it is achievable with some commands from panelling tools. I’m not knowing how to do mesh at the two surface joints that produces similar or closer to figure 2. Did you try meshing the rhino model that I shared? please post the outcome of your mesh for the model.

Here you go…
forum-mesh.3dm (109.9 KB)

hey wim, The model is not refined at the joint and it not closer as the mesh for the small circular member. Could you please try on to achieve as closer as possible to figure 2. and please share how did you achieve it.

I just selected the object, called the command and accepted all the default settings. There are many settings in that command and the discussion around the command also mentions tweaking the input (display) mesh to obtain better results. I’m not a mesh guy and have limited time to start playing with all these settings. Also, discussions about the WIP commands should be limited to the WIP discussion group so I suggest that you give it a shot and discuss this further there.

the basic of poly modelling is to use minimum amount of polygon count as possible to achieve the target shape, you use a “smooth preview” to define what the shape is going to look like after it is divided (by predefined algoritms) your starting mesh is way too dense to for a simple shape like that. and I’d suggest you to go to NURBS way instead. or play with SubD on WIP. current Rhino doesn’t have SubDivision tool so you have to wait for Rhino 6 ( or play with WIP)

note that you can try weaverbird if you want to play with Mesh in Rhino.