Silhouette display in the Preview styling panel


The topic silhouette has been around before many times, but i think it’s a good opportunity to include this feature inside the preview styling panel.

Could it be possible?

Probably. I know Rhino display has been able to do this on and off for a few years now. Should the silhouette also be drawn if the meshes aren’t?

Logged under RH-68179.

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Maybe this silhouette could only be drawn if we feed the geometry through a “preview geometry” component with a silhouette sub-setting? So that way we can control which meshes to be trace in this shader(?).

I’m still not sure how this could be implement it. :thinking:

I remember writing some code for it while slaving at UNStudio.
Don’t know what happened to it…

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This plugin is doing exactly what i’m asking for Grasshopper2

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nah, using grasshopper aaaaand a plugin for some day to day common diagrams is simply not feasable.

yean, i know. I’ve tested it and it doesn’t have good performance either so…