3dconnexion, Can't rotate around Selected Object

Both 3dconnexion and Rhino are up to date.
The 3d mouse (SpaceMouse Compact - Official 3Dconnexion UK store) can’t use a selected item as rotating axis in ‘object’ mode of SpanceNaviagor control panel no matter what I do.

Selected Object is checked for Rotation Center, but in ‘object’ mode it will only rotate on Z axis. I tried to change Rhino rotating setting, to no avail. The regular mouse will rotate around an selected object just fine. Also, Sketchup doesn’t have the same problem.
It’s driving me nuts. Anyone has any idea, please?

Forgot to add that this happens on Windows. I haven’t tried it on Mac yet.

Any one, please?

No one has the same problem? I tried a few different computers, but I still can’t rotate around a selected object with 3d mouse in Rhino even though the correct setting is checked in 3d connexion property. With the same setting, it works fine in Sketchup.
I wonder if there’s a setting in Rhino that needs to be changed? None of ‘rotate’ option under ‘document properties - view’ helped.