3dconnexion, Can't rotate around Selected Object

Both 3dconnexion and Rhino are up to date.
The 3d mouse (SpaceMouse Compact - Official 3Dconnexion UK store) can’t use a selected item as rotating axis in ‘object’ mode of SpanceNaviagor control panel no matter what I do.

Selected Object is checked for Rotation Center, but in ‘object’ mode it will only rotate on Z axis. I tried to change Rhino rotating setting, to no avail. The regular mouse will rotate around an selected object just fine. Also, Sketchup doesn’t have the same problem.
It’s driving me nuts. Anyone has any idea, please?

Forgot to add that this happens on Windows. I haven’t tried it on Mac yet.

Any one, please?

No one has the same problem? I tried a few different computers, but I still can’t rotate around a selected object with 3d mouse in Rhino even though the correct setting is checked in 3d connexion property. With the same setting, it works fine in Sketchup.
I wonder if there’s a setting in Rhino that needs to be changed? None of ‘rotate’ option under ‘document properties - view’ helped.

I have what might be a similar issue with a 3D Connexion 3D mouse that just cropped up yesterday,

I started another topic which I’ll paste my posting as follows…

I have a rather odd bug with using my 3D Connexion 3D mouse in one viewport in Rhino.

If I try any rotation of the model/workspace nothing happens in spin, tilt or roll (Yaw, Pitch, or Roll in aviation speak) This is just in the Perspective viewport in Rhino 7 following the latest update end of March beginning April 2021.

I have no problems with the 3D mouse in Blender, FreeCad, Fusion360 or in the 3D Conexion Trainer app. So I’m sure it’s not a hardware issue. It was working fine a few days ago but on Thursday it stopped working for Rhino 7

Anyone else with this problem?

Any suggestions as to how it might be fixed? I’ve tried new models and old models it seems to be universal in Rhino no matter what file I load.

Unfortunately I’m pretty new to Rhino so please can you keep things to simple plain English and don’t go into heavy geek speak. My first post here.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Widows Desktop PC with 16Gb RAM and 4Gb Nvidia Graphics card Dual displays.


I’d think there are a lot of 3d mouse users here (and probably 3dConnexion is one of the most popular ones). Could any one please reply if the rotation axis on selected item works as expected if it works for you?

I agree with you I can not for one moment believe that we are the only two people on the planet using these.

I’ve registered my problem with my Rhino UK agent whom I purchased Rhino7 through and so far they have been really helpful in trying to get this problem resolved. They have put in a ticket to McNeel so it’s on the radar though I don’t have a solution yet. I’m new to Rhino so this is a true minefield to me but I’m glad of the assistance I’ve had so far from Paul at Simply Rhino.

If I get my 3D connexion mouse working again I’ll be sure to post here to help anyone else out as we can not be alone in this issue.


I just tried my SpaceNavigator controller, and it works as I expect it. I don’t know if it is important, but I don’t have the SpaceNavigator driver software installed. I just plugged it in and it works fine with Rhino and Blender.

In Rhino I mostly use the Target Camera Mode. I have rotation center set to Use Selected Item.

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Hi Nathan, I’m a new user to Rhino so I’d really appreciate some help finding those settings, the navigating all the umpteen menus in Rhino is a nightmare for a novice and being a novice typing commands that you don’t know exist into the command line is not an option. Can you let me know where I find “Target Camera Mode” and the “rotation center set to Use Selected Item” settings

Whilst waiting on some recommendations I’ve fired up an older PC on which I’d initally installed the Trial Rhino onto. I did a full Windows 10 update and then fired up the earlier Rhino Trial software (the intention being to gradually roll forward to the current SR but I can’t seem to get the licence reset on that PC to my purchased licence, however it’s allowed me to test out the functionality of the 3DConnexion anyway) The good thing is the mouse works perfectly in that earlier release.

As a user of these 3DConnexion devices I’m sure you’ll appreciate how I dearly want to get it’s functionality back again.

Very much appreciate if you could point me to those setting so I can look into them and compare the working Rhino and the non working.

Thanks in advance.

I use left button on the SpaceNavigator (logo in hand, cord going away from me) to get the pop-up menu in a Rhino viewport.

Thank you Nathan that gave me the clue I needed to fix my locked axis problem…

OK hopefully this will help anyone else out there that falls foul to this feature of the 3DConnexion mice. Each model has this in a different location but there’s actually a lock axis feature I was oblivious to and I dare say several others will be too.

On my SpaceExplorer its actually marked up as 2D. It’s the smallest button of the 15 buttons on my device located central to the short cut TOP, LEFT, RIGHT and FRONT buttons. I know some other devices have it marked with the 3DConnexion logo some it’s also marked as an arrow around the equator of a representation of the mouse joystick and it is possibly accessed from the left mouse of the SpaceNavigator

I’m kinda pleased in one regard and yet embarrassed also to say that I now know what that little button marked 2D means

Anyways Hopefully this will resolve other people’s frustrations and help others fix their 3D Mouse. I’m so happy I’ve now got it working again.

Thank you Nathan for the clue and I’d also like to give a special mention to Paul at Simply Rhino here in the UK for being there and giving support on the end of a phone and via emails. Great service and this was exactly what I was after for support and so glad that I purchased Rhino through Simply Rhino.

Cheers guys enjoy a virtual pint with me please :smiley: :beers:

I hope this also helps the original poster L too

Have fun with your device and Rhino :slight_smile:

Mine is the small one with only two buttons, and I don’t see “2d” button. Good that it’s now expected for Kelvin. But I’m still out of luck unfortunately. I’m stumped because it is working just fine in Sketchup, meaning it uses the selected object as rotating axis.

Does it still work with Object mode? you can still use a selected item as axis?

Yes it works with Object Mode.

I’m not sure if you’ve got it fixed or not “L” but for anyone out there looking to see a way to check if the axis rotation is turned off see if this points you in the right direction…

  • In Windows click on the Start Menu (Windows Flag logo)

  • Look for your 3D Connexion Folder in the menu pop up

  • Click to expand the 3D Connexion Folder in that menu

  • Click on the 3D Connexion Properties item in that menu

  • A 3D Connexion dialogue should open titled StartMenu Experience Host

  • There should be an image representing your particular 3D Mouse appear with a handful of buttons on it. Click on the “Buttons” button

You should now have a selection of options for your particular physical buttons on your 3D mouse and have a browse through these. Sadly they are all different and they don’t necessarily have the same label on them as the label that’s actually painted on your real world button. You’re looking for one which may have a 2D label or maybe a cylindrical icon with an arrow running round it maybe labelled LOCK. In mine it is also labelled for Rhino as Rotation On/Off.

It’s worth noting that these function differently in each application you are running on your PC so if you last clicked in your Rhino window then it will function for Rhino. If you last clicked in your browser then it will function in that browser… You can tailor each bottom to behave differently in each app… For example my mouse is programmed for that key in the browser to open a new tab. Tab Key.

I hope you can follow what I’m trying to say… It’s complicated enough getting my head round this as I’ve only just discovered this myself. I think it explains why I got my axis locked in the first place and believed it was a Rhino issue as I’m sure I didn’t click the physical key but may well have done it in this software when I had unknowingly clicked a Rhino window thinking I was adjusting a button for a different app…

Hope this helps or at least points people in the direction of a solution.


PS I’ve just gone back and looked under the Advanced Settings button in the app and there there’s a check mark for navigation ROTATION make sure that’s checked if it’s still not working…

Sometimes there’s just far too many menus !

Thank you so much, Kelvin for the post. I followed your steps. Mine has only two buttons, but I assigned one as ‘rotation on/off.’ The only thing it did was literally to lock rotation completely. It didn’t change anything with rotation axis (well because rotation was completely off).

Under advanced menu, rotation’s check on. ‘Use Selected Item’ is also checked. But it will only use the center of the screen as rotation axis, not the selected item. ‘Auto’ on or off doesn’t change anything. I have reinstalled the 3dconnexion driver, to no avail. Ahjhhhhdgggg

Hi Kelvin, I have been having trouble with a Space Mouse Pro. As far back as I can recall, two weeks. I would go in to the mouse advanced settings and set it to object mode. It would no stick for very long. A few minutes and it would revert back to target mode. All very frustrating. I tried to follow along with some of your suggestions to no avail. Today I uninstalled the latest driver for the device. At that point I thought to try opening a rhino file. The mouse works a lot better without that driver. It now tumbles in all directions. Maybe someone who has a better answer to why it works can say. Right now ,fingers are crossed for longevity of use. —Mark

Good to see we’ve now got some chat going on this topic. By sharing our experiences we all learn. It does indeed seem that we each have different device models from 3D Connexion but we are at least in the right zone to fathom out what’s going on.

Unfortunately I’m out all day today and don’t have time to explore these further but I’ll have a look when I am back. I have to say I am very much novice to Rhino so don’t look to me for the right results but I’m happy to share my discoveries as this seems to be an area which Rhino is lacking on at entry level. I tend to use the ‘University of YouTube’ to learn things by and beginner tutorials for novices is seriously lacking…

Perhaps Nathan can step in here and help out as I think he’s from McNeel (3dconnexion, Can't rotate around Selected Object - #14 by nathanletwory)

As you can probably tell I’m also a novice to this forum and how it works too. Good to see we’re helping one another out at least a little bit. :smiley:

I’ve recently noticed that my Spacemouse Pro isn’t behaving quite as I am used to. I can’t describe why, it just feels different. I’ve tried fiddling with the driver settings but it seems to reset and forget what I’ve changed. I think I’ll try uninstalling it as you did and see if that helps.