Can we have arrows on rotate3d gizmo circle

When I do rotate3d and type in a value it’s pretty much a guessing game for me which way it will go so I usually put copy on and then flip a coin if to type in a + or - number and retry if necessary, delete unwanted error copies and original after.

If there were arrows like the gumball then it would be clear which way my stuff will rotate.

Although often there are obvious solutions in the software already when I say stuff… So interested how you guys get predictable rotate3d going.


Hi Ryan- the axis you pick can be thought of as a plane normal- looking at this rotation plane from the second point, the first being on the plane, then + is counter clockwise… But I hear you…


heh, yeah, that would be nice.

I personally like the way sketchup works. if you mouse the preview rotation to the left then type 45, it will rotate in 45° in that direction… mouse it to the right and type 45 and it rotates 45° to the right.

in rhino, I look at the bottom right (not sure what that area is called with the xyz numbers etc) in order to get an idea of which way it’s going to spin then use negative numbers (-30) if I want to rotate in the direction which is previewing in the 300°s