Not being able to see traced lines


I am drawing with black lines on a layer above the one with grey lines but when I draw a black line right over the grey line I cant see it. Do you have any suggestions on what to do so that I can see my trace lines? Please see attached image.

Rhino layers don’t work like Photoshop… there is no “depth” according to layer order. One of several things might work, in general I like to lock the stuff I’m tracing, which makes it appear behind “live” objects. Make sure you have _SnapToLocked enabled if you want to snap to the objects being traced.

Otherwise, you can also try selecting the stuff you want to stay behind and then call _SendToBack…

  • Mitch

Ok. Thank you. Grey layer (the one I want to be the background) is locked but I don’t see a difference. That’s unfortunate - It’s inconvenient: I have to select all my lines and move to the side to see what I am doing and and undo to go back and continue but at that time you cant see anything.

For tracing and related I usually move the object, usually a picture, so that it is “behind” the plane I’m tracing on.

How do you mean exactly? I am in the Right View Maximized window and just drafting there. Is there something I can do with a plane? I use Rhino mostly instead of Illustrator; for line work that I eventually model up in SolidWorks.

I wonder if what I suggested will work better in Top view… --Mitch

Let me try