Line Visibility

I have a weird situation. In “Top” view, only lines on the Cplane are visible. Any lines above the CPlane do not appear. They are visible in all the other views. "Show " doesn’t make them visible. I assume I fat fingered some command and hid them inadvertently.

Any ideas? TIA

Hello- check the camera coordinates in that view - (Properties panel, with no selection) Do the numbers look huge, or reasonable?


Reasonable. The drawing is the normal size, and everything on the CPlane appears, but nothing above the CPlane. This is a 2D drawing. If I move the lines to the CPlane, they appear.

Hello- please post a file, here, if public is OK, or to, to my attention, if not - please include a link back to this topic in your comments.


I finally found the setting. Somehow “Properties: Clipping plane properties” got turned on with the “Top” layer checked. No idea even how to replicate it.