Section styles

is there a way, how to see lines behind section plane?
As if i use standartd clipping plane - use display intersect with clipping plane and i can see lines “under” clipping plane…

Hi Dušan -

I’m not completely understanding the question. Something like this?


Hi @wim1
I thing, when i use Make2D with standard clipping plane VS creating drawings with “Clipping Drawings”…

Hi Dušan -

I take that to be a “No” to my question. Is that correct?
If so, I’ll need an illustration or 3dm file to hopefully see what you mean.

hi @wim Sorry for late reply. I thing everything is ok. I found needed function - it’s just call “AddBackground” :smiley:

But i have another questions for section - Can i create “Named session style” for future use?

And next…Is there bug i think - Not working custom section styles in Clipping plane Properties. Is displayed only by layer…