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I have an issue when using a normal map in Shapediver. It shows some awkward flat surfaces on my bounded surface:

Any idea why this is happening?

Thx for Help

It seems that the texture is out of scale. Is your geometry correctly mapped? You can use texture mapping components from Human plugin. Read more on texture mapping in this article:

Yes, I have mapped the texture with Human but the scaling of the texture has no impact on the displayed rectangles at all. Here a picture of the used sphere:

Could you please share a minimal version of the definition and the texture replicating this?

Here is the gh file:

Normalmap (4.7 MB)

Iā€™m not sure what effect you are trying to achieve but your normal map is just a black texture which explains the incorrect rendering.

Unlike bump map which is a grayscale image, normal map is colour image and creates a better effect as it affects the surface normals of pixel fragments by using the RGB values. Make sure that any texture you wish to use is converted to a normal map, you can use this tool:

With use of a proper normal map, your model renders fine.

Normalmap share (2.2 MB)

Ok, did not check the bitmap in gh, it should have been a blue texture so there was probably a problem with the import.
Thanks for the help we will look into it and see what results we can achieve.

Hi Pavol,

Is it possible to do the mapping directly from the API instead of doing it from grasshopper? Thanks!

@alan.sketches not yet sure what you are referring to exactly, but a good place to start reading is here: Materials

Hi, Iā€™m trying to map using the shapediver API, but the mapping property is not found at
I need to use another mapping modes found at

Did I understand correctly that you want to compute texture coordinates (UV coordinates) for your objects in the browser? This is not going to be straightforward. Actually it will be very involved. Are you prepared to learn threejs in depth, and also about the principles of texture mapping in general? If so, you can directly access the threejs objects.

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