Using normal maps in shader nodes

I tried to setup a material using Principled BSDF and tried to use normal map textures. after appliying the texture the mesh is showing in flat shaded mode. Can you tell me how to get rid of this? In Blender there is the normal amp node, which is not in GH.



You should connect TextureCoordinates.Normal to Bump.Normal. Your image color should be connected to a RGB to BW and that to the Height.

edit: I see that UV and Generated outputs from TextureCoordinates into Bump.Normal don’t work atm. Not sure why, I’ll investigate.

Hi Nathan,
RGB to BW will not behave like normal maps in any other application, where normal directions are saved as rgb colors. That would mean, that I would need to calculate a bump map (hight map) texture from a normal map to behave like expected.
Does it mean, that we can not use normal map textures at the moment?

I was mistaken - you should be able to use the output of the Image Texture directly into the normal input of the principled bsdf.

Can you share the normal map you’re trying to use?