Problems rendering advanced materials with Shapediver


It seems we are having trouble rendering meshes with Human and Shapediver components. We are trying to get a normal map onto our mesh, and it no longer renders once uploaded. In rhino it renders fine. I have included a snapshot of what we are using for the materials. Do let us know if there is something we are missing.

Thank you.

Do you have a link to a model uploaded on the platform that shows this issue? I have looked at your recent models and they seem to display the normal map correctly. If you have identified the issue yourself, maybe explaining how you solved it might help other users.

So what you might be seeing is only the base of the model in our most current uploads. There should be a whole other mesh on top of that that is being modified by all of the inputs.

This is an example of one that has only the base rendering, not the full mesh. The base uses your standard wood material with additional color, which works fine. We are only showing (enabling) the mesh and brep we want the user and the normal map applied to in the 400 test file, all of which isn’t rendering. It isn’t due to poly count either, we tested another way which enabled us to exceed the 64,000 limit.

It looks like the geometry sent to the viewer is empty. That’s a problem I can’t solve without seeing a Grasshopper definition. If you could build a minimal file that causes the problem and send it to me, I would be able to help.

We would love to send you a gh definition, but would not like to release it to the forums. Is there a way to send it to you personally? It shows up in grasshopper, but not in your viewer.

When you click on an avatar, you will see a Message button. You can use that to send personal messages.

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