Normal constraint when using sub object selection

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to do something simple, but can’t seem to figure it out. In reference to the picture uploaded, I’m trying to rotate the selected edges downward to the point below. The problem is that any rotation is based on the cPlane and not the normal direction, if I understand this correctly. I believe there used to be something along the lines of rotateEdge which would be constrained to the normals and not to cPlane/Gumball - pretty much what is being discussed in this older thread Rotate Face

It seems like something that would be used frequently and would therefore have a pretty simple and intuitive solution that doesn’t involve rea-alliging the gumball or cPlane everytime you want to make a simple rotation. I’m not so well versed in Rhino so it could be I’m just missing something fundamental here

Hello- it looks like you want to shear the edges, most likely, on an axis that is the line between the two open ends - you do need to set a Cplane to that line and use Shear.


Amazing! That’s exactly what I want, thanks so much for your help