Rotate Face


Is there a Rotate Face command in development ? - similar to Move Face

A Rotate Edge command would also be handy.


I’m not sure why there even is a MoveFace command.
You can already rotate faces and edges with sub-object selection…

moveFace has the normal constraint which is nice… i just wish it would move more than one face in the respective normal direction in one go.

Good point!

That would be interesting, yes.

Which key combination allows me to select sub objects ?


got it - shift+Ctrl

Do sub objects maintain history ?

Also, which command allows me to rotate an edge ?


Hi Keith,
You can sub-object select an edges as well as a face. Just use the regular rotate command on the selection.

Keith, also try solidpton if you are working with solids. Then rotate and move faces at will w/o subselection.

MoveFace also has the option to move to a boundary.
There used to be a RotateFace, etc command for sub-objects commands in V4, but those were removed once sub-object selection and editing was hooked. As mentioned, if you would like to rotate, scale or move, you can now select faces or edges and use the regular transform commands (rotate, scale, move, etc.).
There is no history support for sub-object editing.

Looks like a bug. MoveFace is supposed to move each face in the normal direction of that face. The preview is correct, but the actual result is not. Thanks for bringing this up.


i’ve brought it up a few times in the past… but now that i’ve got one of you mcneelers on the hook about it, look at extrudeFace and extrudeCurve as well. :smiley:

if you have a surface pointing in the Z direction then extrude it, the extrusion will go in the Z direction… if you have a surface pointing in the Y direction then extrude it, it will go in the Y direction… (unless using the direction option in which the user defines which way it goes)… this is good.

but, select both faces at once and extrude and they both go in the Z direction (well, in this exact scenario, one of the faces fails at extruding completely)… this is not good… the surfaces, imo, should extrude in the same manner as they would if they were selected individually.

do you see what i’m saying?

heh… that’s my new favorite command for the week :smile:

i tried ‘to boundary’ a long time ago and it wasn’t working out for me… i was probably feeding it ill-aligned geometry or something… i tried it again on the drawing i was working on yesterday after reading your post and yeah, it’s a good… it does bevels/miters or compound miters as well as curved boundaries…

the boolean commands are good for a lot of this stuff but moveFace comes in handy too i’ve found… thanks for the reminder :wink:

lots of moveFace_ing in this one:


Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

construction photo of that render up there :point_up:
day 3


You have one of the coolest jobs in the world …

more like-- if I don’t like my job, I don’t have a job… so I had to invent one that I like :slight_smile: