Shear3d command

Just like rotate3d command, we need shear3d command to shear object along any axis in one go.
This will be helpful to make extrusion in subd when we want to rotate the selection.

Desired result

currently created by changing cplane but same can be done by first defining perpendicular axis (same way we do in rotate3d command) and rest is same as current shear command.

Hello- I guess you can kind of get there with a macro if the right curve or edge is the area

! _Cplane _Curve _Pause _Pause 
_Shear _Pause _MultiPause
_Enter _CPlane _Undo


Yes, it does the job in 92 % case… but what if we dont have curve and want to define by two points.

Use the gumball to set a temporary CPlane…

how ?

It takes two steps.

  1. Select some faces with Auto CPlane enabled.

  2. Rotate the gumball around an axis so the CPlane is perpendicular to the selection.

  3. Shear.

it should be possible with a macro.

… but I did not manage to combine the following 3 steps (@pascal ??):

_cplane _3Point _Pause _Z

_shear 0,0,0 _pause _pause

_cplane _undo

I think this does it?

_CPlane _3Point _Pause _Z _Pause
_Shear _Pause 0 _Pause
_CPlane _Undo