Gumball issue (object alignment)

Hey all, I want to use the gumball to scale and move but on my coplanar faces it sometimes works but sometimes doesn’t - is there any rule behind that? Thank you!

Hi Hannes - sub-objects do not play along with the plane- now it’s aligning to the linear edge, if I read your image correctly.


Is this a functionality worth it to implement to align orientation of an edge to the resulting surface? thank you anyways for clarifying @pascal!

@pascal if you see this, it’s only a curve but the gumball won’t align in object mode. Is there anything which i miss or a way to reset quickly? Thank you!

OK got it through your simplifycrv command! yeah!

Post the actual curve, it’s impossible to know why without that… But I suspect that Rhino is not recognizing this as something it can align to like a line segment. Turn on the curve’s control points or look at properties to see what it says about the curve in question.

this was kind of a 3 level curve with 4 control points. I simplified and everything is good now. this is a major command in my current workflow. thank you Mitch! also for your script. this enhances my procedure working with faces of this kind of design massively!