How to move points/curves/faces in normal direction?

Hi @Trav,

I like your SubD-ring-tutorials very much: Rhino - Learn to use Rhino

Do you know how to move SubD points/curves/faces in normal direction? I thought MoveUVN should do it for points, but it seams not.

SubD-Herzring.3dm (374.4 KB)



Hi @Michael_Meyer
Use F10 to turn on the control points/cage for the subd, select those and then use MoveUVN - that should work :grinning:
HTH, Jakob


Jakob beat me to it.

If the selection is fairly simplistic to average a normal you can also set the Gumball to Align to Object and tug in the normal direction.

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Hi @Normand and @Trav,

thank you very much.

_EditPtOn and _PointsOn work fine with _MoveUVN, but not vertices.

Is this a bug/oversight?