Non-Orthogonal facade in 2D


When designing a house, and it’s facades aren’t orthogonal (as thay often aren’t) with Top View’s coordinate system, and I want to make a 2D geometry of a facade, I do it like this:

  1. make vertical Clipping plane parallel to the facade
  2. offset it 1 cm away from the geometry (house)
  3. make a new viewport
  4. set the new viewport’s Cplane via “3 points”, where i pick 3 points on newly created Clipping plane
  5. set the new viewport’s Camera to “Cplane front”
  6. select the geometry and run Make2D

Can this be somehow automated?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Harry - assuming there is a planar element or points on the facade that is parallel to the viewing plane, you can use CPlane > Object, CPlane > Surface, CPlane >3 points and then the Plan command.



On Viewports 02 and 04, house can be seen from both angles.
On both of them, Clipping plane can be seen too.

So I wanna make a facade parallel to the clipping plane (seen on viewport 04)
When I set CPlane > Object and then “Plan” command, I get the view as seen on Viewport 01 (Wrong side of the house, and rotated view).

Am I doing something wrong?
Do you think there’s a macro that would do a Make2D straight out of a good-positioned Clipping plane?


Hi Harry - there is a bug in ClippingPlane that sets the reverses the X and Y axes when it is created the same way as a plane (surface) so that is fails, or gets it wrong, in this particular context. (X should be to one side for your system to work) However, if the goal is to set the view, you can use any geometry - a plane on the house or three points - to set the CPlane and the view you do not need a clipping plane.

CPlane 3Point Pause Pause Pause Plan



Thanks for the reply!

In fact, I do need a clipping plane – when building a model of a house, there is often a context (i.e. a street, a terrain) and it’s often inclined, so without a clipping plane, a good portion of a facade would be omitted from the Make2D output.

I would say – getting a Make2D geometry directly from a well-positioned Clipping plane would mean a lot to all the architects and product designers out there.

Houses (and products) are typically non-orthogonal, they typically have context (surrounding), and facades are (besides floor plans) something we communicate with on a daily basis.

Thanks again!

You can have the clipping plane, I just mean, you do not need to use it as is to set the Cplane - 3 points will work, snapping to its corners (End snap), or any other plane that is parallel to the clipping plane.


Okay, thanks!