Create viewport with clipping plane

Does somebody know a tutorial about clipping planes?
I want to make with a clipping plane a new viewport.


does no change the viewports, or can I orient the view to the plane?

When using ‘plan’ the view is upside down.

It rotates, it turns, it is getting upside down.

I am trying to rotate the plane 45 degrees but the views are not rotated by that.

In short,
I want my view to be orientated to the clipping plane creating an exact image on the section, not from the perspective camera but from a ‘straight camera.’
I want to rotate the plane and by that the views, with 45 degrees.

Is that possible?

Just create a new CPlane with a desired orientation, like shown in the tutorial above. Then go to the desired view (i.e. Top, Right, Front, etc.), and make sure that the camera projection is set to parallel in the Viewport:Properties. Now simply draw the clipping plane in the viewport, and it will be parallel to the current viewport. You can use the Perspective viewport to adjust the position of the clipping plane.

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Select your ClippingPlane and run this macro:

_Flip _CPlane _Object _Plan _Flip

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