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I’ve got a question - I finished working a model for a bathroom interior design and would like to export all the views to dwg. I was looking for some tutorials and found out for the ‘clipping plane’ command. My question is - what happens when, the clipping plane is not perpendicular to any of the 3 planar views? I am attaching a screenshot below so it can be easily understood.

Basically, the view i need is approx 45’ from any of the basic views. I tried the command make2d and then selected the view “from current cplane” but nevertheless it makes a 2d from one of the basic views (in this case he continues pushing for the ‘right’ viewport although I am working on perspective)
Is there anything that can be done or I need to rotate the model?

Thank you!


edit: I understood cplane and clipping plane are not the same, I stand corrected - but is there anyway to do what I want to do?

Simply select “current view” as Layout in the make2D dialog while the perspective view is active.
A clipping plane is something entirely different, and has nothing to do with make2D, but only hides all (parts of) objects in front of the clipping plane that you specified.


if you are sure you don´t have to make changes to the model afterwards I would simply make a copy, rotate in top view and then make2d. Might be better than just to make2d in perspective, if you need to dimension the model properly.
Otherwise you can make a new vieport, cplane to object or 3points, than set camera to cplane in that viewport and than make2d in current view. or try make2d to cplane

Thank you very much for the suggestions!
Ended up rotating the model

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