Align Cplane to oblique edge


I’m working on a triangular building as shown in the photo attached.
I want, in the end of the process, get the facades of the building.
For 2facades out of 3 I have no problem, but when it comes to the oblique one I don’t know how to manage.
What is the procedure to then have a perpendicular elevation to the yellow edge(see photo)?


First you have to align the CPlane to that surface. For that run _CPlane choose the option Object and select your inclined surface.

Second you have to align the view to the new CPlane, for that run _Plan and the view will be ortogonal to that surface.

Hello - note the above (CPlane > Object) will align the CPlane XYZ to the surface UV and normal with the origin in the middle of the surface’s parameters, which may or may not work out very well in 3d. - if you need to have more control, CPlane > Surface. There is also CPlane > 3Points.


Thanks for the answer, but it does not seem correct.
If you pay attention when you switch to the Front view, you’re drawing on the “orthogonal” facade and not to the oblique one!
Thanks anyway for the video, it was precious :))

Thank you all guys!

I was going to correct it.