Clipping Plane + cplane to object orientation + plan combo?

Hi guys,

I am a bit confused about how ClippingPlanes orientation is constructed. It seems a bit illogical to me. See here:
a) I create Clipping plane - vertical:

b) check the gumball - everything is fine. X is to the right, Y to the top, Z aligned with Clipping plane.

c) now to the tricky part. SetCplanetoObject creates a Cplane like this:

d) “plan” command creates rotated view (?!):

It seems that axes are not corresponding correctly. Am I correct?


Hi Pawel - I’d say everything is not fine on b)… you want the X axis parallel to the ground plane, which indeed makes more sense to me - the CPlane will orient the same way, and you get the sideways plan. I don’t know if there is any cast in stone reason for orienting the plane X -up, but my guess is is can be changed. I’ll ask.


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Hi Pascal,

We salute your everlasting patience and helpful hand. Thank you again, it would be really helpful for architects. Merry Xmas!