No 2d beam representation in plan view

  1. I just put the beams in as per the villa savoye tutorial, but they don’t show up in my plan view (as they do in the tutorial) in any form. As far as I can tell I’m doing everthing as per the tutorial instructions.

  2. If they did show up, I’d want their centre lines to show, unlike in the tutorial. However, center lines don’t seem snappable in model space so the beam alignment seems to have to be at a corner, which leads to unconventional display of a corner line of the beam. Is there a way around this?


I think this problem is related to the entire issue of displaying objects above c plane. If you are mentioning the beam, the same goes for openings etc. The 2D representation of objects above the cutting plane and possibilities of its visualizing is quite important :slight_smile: I hope VA team is able to solve this tricky issue soon :wink:


Thankyou, Petumatr. Great to know of that limitation and I hope to learn of any others soon.

I am looking at using Rhino and Visual Arq for motion picture set design, which isn’t as demanding as Architecture (for which I’ve been using AutoCAD Architecture, licenses for which are paid for by the firms at which I do the work - it’s too expensive to work freelance with). If you can point me to any resources identifying the strengths and weaknesses of VisualARQ in general (not just for set design) please let me know. Set design is mainly floor plans, sections, and elevations, but Rhino’s nurbs are handy for more organic shapes relevant to fantasy design, which is why Ive developed Rhino skills hence considering VisualArq and having the one package.)


Yes, this is a known bug, and a fix is planned for VisualARQ 2.1.2 or VisualARQ 2.1.3, so you shouldn’t wait much longer for a solution.

This issue is happening since VisualARQ 2.0, and it worked fine in VisualARQ 1.x. We don’t discover this bug until VisualARQ 2 was already released. This bug appeared because in VisualARQ 1.x we draw objects in plan view with special code, trying to reproduce how the object looks when viewed from the top. This was a very tedious operation, and when we added support for blocks and specially Grasshopper styles, this code stop being correct, as it was impossible for us to predict how an object looks from the top if we don’t know how it looks in 3D. So we changed the way we draw 2D plans and start doing them in the “right” way: using a projection for the real 3D geometry cut by the level cut plane. But, as you may guess now, the the object is completely over the cut plane, there are no geometry to draw (in both 3D or 2D), even if you set the “Plan Visibility” to “Above Cut Plane”.


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Hey Enric,
thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: I remember, that fe. beams above cplane were displayed as an axis. Sometimes it is handy to have silhouettes instead. Do you plan to have some variability of 2D representation of objects “above”? Means axis vs. silhoutettes, different linetype etc? I dont know how does this fit into your code, I am just curious. I can also imagine that this could be tricky for user blocks and grasshopper defined blocks - so maybe having the separate 2D for above cplane block could be the solution? But this is only my hypothetic idea :smiley:

Thank you!

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Hi Petr, this is something we have planned for future versions. I’ll let you know when there are news on this development.

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Not sure if the fix to Beam representation in Model PLan View (or 2D Plan View?) is implemented yet, but if so I haven’t been able to activate it.

@djhg this hasn’t changed yet.

I am assuming this is still outstanding. Please let us know if not.

No changes on this issue yet.