GH Style 2D Representation on Plan View

I’ve got some error in 2D representation from grasshopper style.

  1. Plan Visibility Issue
    I’ve created a customized beam style (actually, it’s slanted column), it’s shown also on upper level.
    When it comes to a standard beam style in VA template, there is no problem.

  2. Worksession Issue
    When I attach this file using worksession, I see that projection and overhead are not shown.

I attached the gh style definition and rhino file
I am using Rhino 7 SR13 and VisualARQ


GH Definition_Beam (17.3 KB)
Plan View Issue.3dm (2.7 MB)

No Solution for this?

Hi @archist97,

  1. I don’t get the same error as you. This is what I see from Top viewport:

That rectangle corresponds to the 2D component of the beam in section. I don’t recommend using 2D components for representations that VA should do automatically (section or overhead representations). So if you edit the style and do not import the 2D geometry for the “plan” representation, that rectangle disappears:

Also take into account that when you assign a component to the “plan” representation, it replaces the real section of the 3D components you have in the gh file.

After unchecking these 2D components, you should see this plan representation from the Floor 1:

  1. The overhead representation of an object only appears in plan view (top viewport with cut plane activated) when the object is located in that level.
    When you have that model in the non active file of a worksession, it means the current level is another one, and therefore that object is not represented in overhead representation. We should consider this situation to display it as well.

I still get this error. I don’t know why the result is different.
If I uncheck “Plan”, and check only “Model”, I don’t see this error.
The reason I use 2D geometry for “Plan”, however, is because current VA “Plan Visibility” with “Project and Overhead” can not represent correct 2D representation. When it comes to slanted column, geometry between the cut level and top level of the column is represented as overhead. This is wrong. If you have ceiling, overhead should stop at the ceiling level.

The video below is what I see from my file.
Plan Visibility Error

The video below is what I get from worksession. I see section on Floor 2 on which it should not be shown. I can’t see projection and overhead on Floor 1 on which they should be shown.
Plan Visibility Error_Worksession

However, If I change color for projection and overhead in reference file as you can see the video below…

Plan Visibility Error_Worksession_Color Change

I can see them in worksession as well. (Color parent form them are set to white in template)
However, the error that they are shown on Floor 2 still goes on.

I get these errors when I use styles created by “Grasshopper Style.” I think these are not related with level setting. I think probably these are related with “Grasshopper Style” .There is no problem with level setting.

Hi @archist97, do the files in the same worksession have the same units? if they have different units it may explain that error. VisualARQ is not yet taking into account that possibility when working with worksessions.

Yes, of course. They use same unit. I always use a VA template with mm unit for any kind of works.