VisualARQ 2 Beam Cuts not working

I am trying to get a few beams to change the end cut so they come to a taper at one end. I have never had an issue with this.
I have the beam created via a curve and in the drop down menu the beam’s end and start cute plane is changed however the geometry never reflects this change.

In the beam properties menu I do not have the option to adjust the end miter.

Is this a new bug?

Hi @jwellis394, Can you send the model where that hapenns to
We will check it out.

Its like my Visual ARQ says its updated to V2 but I still have all 1.0 tool bars and what not.

Hi @jwellis394,

In the main menu, go to Rhino > Tools -> Options > Toolbas, and make sure there is only one “VisualARQ2” toolbar. If there is also a “VisualARQ” (without the number 2), right click over it and select close.


I’ve completely reinstalled VisualARQ for Rhino 5 removed all the toolbars. It still won’t show the updated Beam Option menu.

I downloaded the Rhino 6 release and it too doesn’t have the correct menu either.

Its happening in all my models. I can not get the Beam properties tab to work as the V2 in the tutorials show. Even in Rhino 6 with a fresh install.

Its like the beams are bugged out.

No matter the settings the beam profile does not change in Rhino 5 or Rhino 6

@jwellis394 beams solve their intersection only if they have their end points in the same exact position. From the screenshot, the beams are placed in the XY plane, so you won’t appreciate any change on their cut planes.
Please send the model to so we can check out what’s going wrong.

I have the same problems with my custom Grasshopper steel beam, the ends are not connected even though they are in the same position.

Best regards

Trä (34.3 KB)

@bjornsmolarek in this case, beams preview in Grasshopper don’t calculate the join. Only when you bake the beams you will see how they join. We are planning to add the option to calculate intersections in GH in future versions.

I also have the problem when I use a Visualarq Beam with a Grasshopper definition, whether with or without a Beam Node in the definition. Is it normal that there are no end connections?

sicherung_Trä (48.6 KB)

When baking the Grasshopper file “Trä” it works as you said but it would be great if the definition in the Visualarq element would also work “End Connections”.

@bjornsmolarek Unfortunately beams created with GH styles don’t solve the joints at corners. This is also a feature planned for future versions.

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Many thanks for the info

@fsalla can you share some thoughts (a workaround) on how to solve the “cut-problem” inside definitions without baking?

Hi @ANDhitecture, you can try to calculate manually the intersection of the beams in GH with some work. Find attached a definition aimed for this purpose, that should work with two beams created from a polyline of two segments.

The definition generates two new beams, a bit longer than the original ones, and after exploding them and obtaining the resulting Breps, the intersection is calculated.Beam joins (18.7 KB)

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Basically what I’ve been doing all along.
It works quite well. Thank you for your input.

But still… it’s not as elegant as I’d like it to be :slight_smile:

I have to ask - when could we expect cuts to work natively?

I don’t know when we will be able to implement the calculation of intersections of VisualARQ objects in GH, but I’ll keep you posted if there are any news.

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