Visual arq

Hello, I’m starting on visualarq but not on rhino…

is it possible when creating a 2D plane view, to display the structure (beam and column…) below the relevant level.

we are an engineering firm and we would like to be able to make stability plans with visualarq

can you help me


Hello @sb11,

When you create a plan view you can show all the projected lines below the selected levels, is that what you need?

that’s exactly it…how do you do it?


Hi @Rabet_Florentin,

You just need to select the Plan View and edit the “View Depth” in its properties; if you choose “Unlimited” it will show every projected line below the selected level:

Thank you but I would like to see the hidden features (see photo) on my view in plan

Hi @sb11,

That is not possible for now; this is something we have in our list for future development, so I’ll keep you updated about it.

it is still the basis to be able to show hidden objects in dotted lines… Do you have a solution to achieve this result? Is there a user manual for visualarq

Hi @sb11,

As a workaround, you could create another plan view with the same point of view but hiding the element above the hidden lines. You would need to set the lines in this plan view as dashed and then place the plan view below the one you have already created. This way you would have a plan view for projected lines and another one for hidden lines.

You can check the VisualARQ help here:

VisualARQ > Help > View Help…

Thank you for your reply…

this is precisely what we had found as a solution…
notify us as soon as you have updated this remark in the new version.

Thank you :wink:

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Good evening,
how do you do in terms of annotations and quotes?
are these quotes related to the visualarq 3d model?
or the quotes are to be placed separately?

Thank you…

Hi @sb11,

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. Could you give me an example of what you need?

how do you put dimensions automatically?
is it possible to link the dimensions to the 3d model?
if not you have an alternative so that the dimensions follow the changes of the 3d model.

Thank you

Hi @sb11,

That is not possible for now, it is something we have in our list for future development so I’ll keep you updated about it.

I thought it was a program where everything was automated…
but not apparently… we will have to wait for the next version.

Thank you for your quick answers

Hi @sb11,

If you need to create dimensions automatically maybe you could use this workflow: