Newbie Question - Custom Parametric Blocks (similar to VisualARQ)

Hi there,

I’m looking to make a simple parametric planter box that has formula entries for length, width, height, wall thickness, etc.

I know how to achieve this in Revit very easily with a custom generic family using instance-based parameters.

And I know how to do this in grasshopper with some nodes, like draw a line, then use the line to build the planter.

However, what I’d like to get to is a block with parametric features within the Rhino properties palette, similar to VisualARQ blocks. I don’t have VARQ.

I want be able to adjust size of the Rhino object in a properties pallete (rather than delete and re-create).

How would I go about achieving this?

You could use a Grasshopper definition that creates the parametrical planter box as well as defines it as a block within Rhino. The Elefront add-on can create and update Rhino blocks from Grasshopper.

Then you could either use the definition with “externalised”, published sliders that you could control from the remote Grasshopper Panel inside Rhino.

Another possibility would be to use Grasshopper Player which can run external Grasshopper files kinda headlessly. For more on that check out this thread full of great examples.

To get it into the Rhino properties palette, you’d probably need to script it as a plugin.

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