Multiple parametric parts in Rhino doc at once?

Is it possible or is there a plugin that would allow me to make a number of parametric parts through GH that would be similar to Visual Arq? I like the principle of Visual Arq but the parts are not really what I need. So I figured I could try to make my own. Or maybe there is a way to do this in Visual Arq?
Gh Player is nice but you can only run the alg once and after that you either would have to make a new part or redraw it. Thanks!

A little more detail or an example of what you are looking for would be sure useful to clarify your needs.

what problem are you trying to solve?

Hi Ryan -

As far as I understand, yes, you can do this in VisualARQ.
Apart from that, the changes in Grasshopper in Rhino 8 are getting you closer to being able to do that with native components. Baking is still missing but is being worked on.

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Sorry for my late reply. I spent the week at bible school.
Thanks for answering my question!