New VR RT render plugin - Enscape3D

Today I found this great looking VR progressive render solution:

And there is a plugin for Rhino. Looks like having fun.

Wow - it’s faster than anything I have seen. It loads complex models. It’s using only one of my two GPU with low memory load. The GPU usage is quite low. And it’s so fast! Looks like a magic game changer. What will be if it is using my two GPU with full power? Looks like a great solution for VR glasses too.

@Micha: can you compare it to octane? handling,speed, …

I did a lot of tests this weekend and found:

  • it’s faster than any other renderer
  • quality isn’t at the level of Octane and Vray, but not bad, it’s an other look, more like a very good game engine
  • plugin needs a lot of improvements
  • quite limited options, for example material creation is very basic yet
  • very interesting for architects, who like to quick show interiors and exteriors
  • I load very large, complex train interiors, quite good looking result for RT GPU and was able to pack it to a standalone exe
  • attached a product shot: approx. 10s render time at ~4000x2000 (single GTX780 used only)
  • attached an interior shot from an exported exe - approx. 10s render time, it’s my Vray scene setup opened per Enscape, materials are not right yet and no emitter lights on the ceiling, but the image shows the direction of the look

For me it looks like the view in the future. It’s a young product that needs a lot of improvement, but very promising. My impression, if an interior needs 30 min per Vray and 5 hours per Octane, than it needs less than 30s per Enscape. There is a lot of fake, but I think quite good. The goal is real RT (for example for VR glasses).

For me is the big question now, how much energy will be spend to improve the plugin. Will it stay at basic level or will it be a first class plugin? I don’t know. I hope, if more users are interested, we can motivate the Enscape team. It could be one of the important tools for Rhino. I’m glad that the Enscape team is working on a Rhino plugin.


Here one of my first projects I was working on as freelancer several years before. I remember me it was very difficult to render the large room, because the small windows and the many small lights. I enabled the Enscape outline option for this quick test renderings. Render time a few seconds only. Crazy tool !! I hope we will get rendering of Bongo animations. It would be a dream.


Thanks. The interior shot looks much more natural than the product shot, because of the enviroment around. 10 sec. - wow.

But if they don´t change the license system it will not become a game changer for Rhino. Hate that fucking Autodesk license style system. “Hey we have a product that you need. You can buy it, but it´s still not yours”.
Rhino users will not accept that.

Some people i know repent the decision to switch from rhino and all the plugins to much more “professional tools” for their companys because of the yearly licence costs and no advantages. For startups and small companies / freelancers it´s an important point.

Right, I doesn’t like it too, but I hope my clients will pay for it.

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Of course, you are faster and save time. Can do more jobs or getting home much earlier. Nothing wrong, and maybe worth the money. But i don´t like that somebody tells me, what and when i have to do the next step with the product i bought.
No problem to set the price higher for a real license. If the product works well, people will buy. If you are happy with Rhino 4, no need to upgrade to V5 but you can still work anymore.
Maybe the octane crew will develope a similar fast solution if they realize that the market got new players.

You are right, it will be a problem for non-profit user and low budget artists. A non subscription offer would be nice.

I saw Enscape in Sketchup and it’s quite impressive I must admit. It is like a game engine, very similar to Cryengine actually. Very useful for architecture.
But I also dislike the license system, companies can afford it but for single users it is too expensive.

Does anyone know other alternatives game-engine like, fine-tuned for architecture?

Take a look at EEVEE in blender. I’m sure you’ll like the licensing and price :wink:


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EEVEE … impressive render engine and good to see there is a competitor.

For the Enscape license system - I think for a pro user it’s not bad, also for semi-pro users. So, I could use the demo mode all days and if needed I could buy a license for 45,-€ for a month. Not bad at all. And the tool is very powerful.

What I learned is that this screen space render tools are not full render engines to complete replace engines like Vray or Octane. So, the possible materials and render effects are limited. For example at clear mirrors the room is shown without a GI calculation. For some high end scene I couldn’t accept it. So, it’s good to learn the limitations. But within this limits impressive result can be reached.

Attached some test results per Enscape (I did a quick setup of some old projects only).


@nathanletwory anything after the cycles for rhino roadmap in this direction? i think this combined with the Game Like Walkthrough as discussed would be terrific.

Enscape is powerful also because it can create an image in one click. All the settings are done. It works inside Sketchup or Rhino or Revit.

To use something like EEVEE would mean to constantly export the model into blender and tune the scene. Not exactly a solution when it comes to fast concept design.

So, let me rephrase my question:
Does anyone know other alternatives real-time game-engine like, fine-tuned for architecture that can work inside Rhino?

I also found FluidRay, but it works on the same type of rental license.
These rental licenses are not good for personal use because it is very difficult to manage the time especially if you have a regular job and you’re doing extra projects in the weekends or whatever. I will end up paying every month just to test ideas from time to time or work on some images 4 days per month.

Nothing for this directly on the roadmap. Naturally we have seen EEVEE at our office.

A good realtime engine like this would IMO best be integrated with the new realtime SDK, just like Cycles integration is doing.

Good game-like moving around would require improvements to Rhino event handling, although I guess it is already doable with hacks

Thanks for your feedback about Enscape; we are glad you like it.
We have now released Version 2.3 with ArchiCAD support and lots of improved features like adjustable water, high quality screenshots in VR and much more.
You can see what’s new in our latest blog post:
Please feel free to try out the new features.

Concerning your issues regarding the license system: Did you already try out the monthly fixed-seat license? Maybe this could help you.

Johannes from Enscape

Hi Johannes, yes, the monthly license was working fine for a project.


@marketing Hi Johannes,

a few question:

(At the moment I have no license running and so I can’t test some of the old problems anymore. I wished Rhino plugin problems could be better and faster solved. So I stick at testing level most.)


I just now sent the developers some info for getting this to work with v5 as well as with v6. I don’t know if they already incorporated the suggested changes for identifying materials, but they should have all the necessary information now.

Great, thank you very much. :slight_smile: