Hello everyone,
first of all I am a beginner.
I want to ask about Rendereingines.
Are there someone of Selfemployment use various rendersoftware for various projects?
I saw some Galleries pics of Keyshot that looks amazing and I though that Vray is the best render plugin.
Are there some purpose to use special Renderengines, i mean for Architecture projects use Vray and Industrie design use Keyshot or how you handle that.

Kind Regards

For architecture use Enscape, VfR2 was a good allrounder. If you are interested in Vray, test VfR3 careful, for me it is beta software since approx. one year. If you don’t render interiors than Octane could be a nice player. But you need a good GPU.

The big surprise for me of the last was Enscape. But it’s not a good general render replacement, no layered materials, only good basics. But speed and quality of interiors was more than impressive (for me old render guy).

If you go the Octane/Enscape way, than buy a really good GPU like the GTX1080. Enscape is using one GPU only, Octane can use more than one.

Take a look on Thea Render - there is excellent plug for v5 and plug for v6 will arrive soon :wink:

Different rendering programs have different purpose. Some are slow, expensive and difficult to use, but they produce very realistic pictures. Others are easy to use because they are Rhino plugins. If you are going to make animations, you must use either the built-in Rhino renderer, or a plugin. I use Flamingo plugin. Its technical support is not good, but it is fast and it makes memory-efficient trees and shrubs.

thanks for your response.
I used for vray for rhino for 6 years ago for short project and it was not so easy but the results was good. There was so many preference to do. And it was possible to distribute the render act to other network pc without redernode like vray 3 today.

I need to check the other renderengines but I like renders that makes the process faster. Vray works good with layers.
It was a long time ago, but I remember it was possible to render an animation, but I not sure.
My laptop gone down while rendering because the graphic card took a huge demage.

Kind regards

Since you own VfR2 I would stick at if for a while longer. But you should test Enscape - 4k interiors rendered in a few seconds, VR for 3D glasses and camera animations of interiors done in a few minutes - that’s new level of visualization.

i will test enscape, but pricley only for a year licence.
It would be better to pay one price for unlimeted licemce.
Kind regards