VR and 3D viewer - State of affairs with Rhino

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So I realize this thread is recurrent, and I’ve spent some time going through some of the old VR threads on this forum. The original release of the first Oculus Rift had generated some interesting threads with people experimenting different rigs.

Now that Oculus has released a $200 self-contained unit that does not require a big computer, and that the mobile platforms are pushing hard to make VR and AR a reality (pun intended), what is the state of affairs with Rhino?

Flat 2D renders will be here to stay, and Rhino (+ plugins) does a great job, but how will the platform accommodate 3D? Last year I dabbled in preparing a model for the Unity Platform, with some success, but it still felt very clunky. It feels to me like there is a real opportunity here, with the toolset that Rhino has built, to do something really amazing, no?

In parallel to this question we are working with a client and want to show him some views of his project, but sharing Rhino files doesn’t feel comfortable as we would be releasing our model into the world, with very little control over where it goes. I have played with creating 3D PDFs but that also feels “clunky”, the results un-impressive.

There is an opportunity here…!!!



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I’m not sure what your question is (my english isn’t so good), but if you are looking for a VR plugin solution for Rhino, than you could try Enscape - a powerful VR and render engine.

Hello Micha

Actually this looks very much like what I am after! We may be giving this a try in the coming days. Do you know if it works with the new Oculus Go? For $200 it seems like this would be a great way to show our clients their projects, and cheap enough we could by one or two for each of our projects…


You find some infos here. Also you could ask there more.

Hi @piroshki

200$? Isn’t it 45$ pr. month? Or am I reading their pricing/subscription all wrong? Another option is Simlab Composer, which - on top of being a very easy-to-use VR program - also exports 3D PDF’s, bake textures/lights and does some fairly decent rendering. And it’s not subscription software! Anyways, it would be lovely to have an even more direct route - like a proper VR plug-in for previewing Rhino geomtry directly.

HTH, Jakob

Hi Normand - I meant $200 for the VR headset. The software is indeed more!