Game Like Walkthrough

hi @nathanletwory i know you are working concentrated and full power on the implementation of cycles into rhino for Mac OS :smiley: ehm or was it windows :wink: anyway i hoped i can loosen up your daily routine a little by asking if the addressed topic is still going to happen. i know it has been talked about and i also read the youtrack discussion and to date its a little inconclusive. i have been looking for something like this for architectural representation and i think its very important.

there are sure many generations already working in architecture now or anything similar, who have surly grown up with ego shooters being familiar to this kind of movement and having a representation technique matching this kind of navigation would really be not only fun but an essential tool for the many i believe. combined with some real time rendering something to reach out for… at least i do.

what do you think, will this be targeted still and if so is it possible to give a (very) rough approximation when?

As it is still on my list it is still targeted. The very rough estimation has already been made: Future (:

I don’t have put any thought in this, but who knows… piqueing my interest every now and is always good.

Something like this?

Still plan to finish it in near future. It will be Windows-only though.


thats indeed a very rough estimation :smiley: but in an infinity room, the future might just as well be yesterday, so pls dont drop this one, get your bi-cycles out, and i am waiting for this impatiently patiently either. :hugs:

hi @jarek yes i saw this, anything platform independent like rhinocommon in reach for you? what did or better to say are you making your plugin with?

Sorry, no. It’s been written with RhinoScript and some WindowsAPI methods.