New UI: Text along with tab icons?

Would there be an option to show the text along with the tab icons? The icons are too tiny (and not obvious), and being at the edge of the screen it is rather difficult to quickly pick the right one.
I always use top tabs location with text so will miss that part of the UI, but if its side only at least the showing text or controlling the vertical size of the tab should be customizable for better accessibility.

This is just a quick first reaction, excited and curious to try it all out! Thank you.


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I agree.

I have also noticed that 3rd party plugins when loaded are not loading anymore its toolbar rui file. Is it intentional? Are here also some changes?

Generally I like unification idea.

Thank you @wim I have added toolbar of my plugin, but top menu is missing. Is it still possible to create menus with rui files like previously with old “Workspace Editor”?

Where would I find step-by-step instructions for this in Rhino for Windows?

I had a MRU at hand and all the tabs and all the plugin’s tabs available and compressed it two rows.
I could split it in two and still have a space for Filter selector and, generally and in my opinion, it was more customisable than the current solution (maybe 1hr is not enough to figure it out).

Hi Jarek -

There are controls for this in the Toolbars section of the Rhino Options:

Hi Łukasz -

When Rhino starts unmodified, the Rhinoceros Default workspace is loaded and 3rd party plug-ins are not a part of that. You can create a new container and put the plug-in’s toolbars in that container. Then save your UI as a new workspace. I suppose that, at some point, 3rd party plug-in providers will create a workspace that they share with the users.

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You can configure tabs to display text, image or text+image for different dock sites and also control image size in the Options/Toolbars page. Dock sites include; top or bottom, right or left sides or floating. There is also a slider that allows you to set the tab image size.


Menu support has not yet been added to the new interface but should be coming soon.

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Thanks John, this is really nice.
Hope we can also have the horizontal tabs back, somehow the verticals with text are very awkward to read.

Now that your UI icons are all vector and freely scalable, here is an idea to take it to another level of customization: what if the individual toolbars or containers had their own “scale factor” for icons that is derived from the global scale? What I liked about the “old” system was that we could have a mix of bigger and small icons - currently we have a mix of 24x24 and 16x16 toolbars. Is there a way to achieve it with the new system?

Another thought: should the be a new Serengeti Sub-category just for the new UI?



+1 for me.
Super great to have different sizes like in more modern UI.
It may also works in combination to the tracking of most used tools from the users?

When change size toolbar Button Irregular shapes occur
See the difference between Rhino & MatrixGold

The containers don’t currently resize since they can contain panels as well as toolbars which is why they get clipped when you scale the button size up. Currently this requires manually resizing the container.

Rhino 5, 6, and 7 have always had a global size for toolbar button size I’m not sure how you had a mix of button sizes? Tab images were 16 and button images defaulted to 24. The new system now lets you set the tab image size which the old system did not allow. I would have to give it some thought but my first reaction is perhaps a per container scale factor may work since a toolbar can be referenced by more than one container.

That’s right John, now I remember last time it worked was in V4:

And now they automatically scale up, no more options to set per-toolbar size.
But it was very cool and a good space-saving feature…

I think that would be a great option to have!


I will log the request.

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RH-69823 is fixed in the latest WIP - the icons should be less blurry now.

This is a low-priority UI suggestion. I wish Containers supported four tab orientations like Viewport:

Viewport Tabs

Container Tabs

When you approach a container, you pick the panel first. A right vertical orientation doesn’t make sense for a right-docked Container. You traverse the entire panel to get to step 1 (and some panels can be relatively wide).

Activating layer panel to change object layer with right tab orientation

Activating layer panel with proposed tab orientation option

Bonus points for being able to set it per Container.

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I’m waiting for this too.


Me too.


Convenient to use.

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