New UI: First impressions (Huh?)

So, I updated my WIP and of course my custom workspace was unloaded and the default one was substituted. OK, no big deal, I re-loaded my custom workspace via the bottom window in the Options>Toolbars section. But now I have two separate sets and I see no way to close the default set; what I had to do was drag out the unwanted toolbars from Default so they float, then close them.

Other stuff…

WTF #1:
I had re-done many of my icons for V7 (before .svg was announced) to have good sharp 32 bit images on my 4K screens. Having now reloaded my custom workspace, it looks like it is simply taking the 24 bit images and sizing them up, so they’re all fuzzy again. I know I will have to re-do this with vector at some point, but it seems if the 32 pixel bitmaps are present, when one sizes the tiles up to 32, it should use those and not the 24 bit ones. Addendum: After futzing around with the sizes some, I noticed that if I moved the slider to 33, then back to 32, I got a somewhat better result… bizarre.

WTF #2:
The command CommandPrompt doesn’t work, you can choose the “Bottom” option but it doesn’t execute. Only way to do it is to again drag the command prompt out and manually dock it at the bottom. This is an age-old bug reported long ago. So, I did that. Now however, none of my other toolbars will dock either on the side of or above the command prompt. So that whole part of my custom WS is now completely messed up.

WTF #3:
Right side panels - it’s no longer possible to stack panels one above the other? Complete waste of space and lack of visibility. Please restore this capability.

And, please define what a container is and how to create one.

OK, see that if you type “Containers” you get the container editor. However, I don’t see how it is possible to create a container that includes the command prompt (it’s not available in the libraries that I can see), nor how to have more than one “container” docked on any side of the interface (especially the right side with panels). And why is the container editor not available as a link from Options - either under Toolbars or separately?

Lastly, the attempt to make the Mac and Windows interfaces closer is laudable, interesting that I’ve only been complaining about this since 2007, and having had to teach on two separate interfaces for many, many years. However, please don’t push the weaknesses of the Mac interface onto Windows users…


More stuff:
What’s with all this wasted space?


And o, what joy updating my button images will be, having to go through 3 different dialogs to get there…

Shift + Right-click on button
In the window that appears, click on “Select or create new macro”
In the window that appears, click on “Edit”
You now have 3 open dialog windows on the screen…
In the last window, click on the arrow on one of the images to be able to import a different one
Click 3 OK buttons
Repeat for every single button.

Sure hope that can be streamlined…


This is so bad. So many things not functioning yet. I had a carefully crafted UI and now I can’t get even close to what i had before. I just lost an hour trying to customise it. Don’t care about Mac, I had it and didn’t like it and never considered it as a friendly interface and i see no pint in taking inspiration from there.
Why I can’t have these icon in horisontal layout?
Why are they smaller than the other?
Why the heck I can cover the icons half-way? Why there are covered anyway? What is this thick border for?
Image and text are not displaying

Reorganising order of toolbars is beyond my skills:

Why these panels (using the same toolbar icon) are separated? It’s a waste of space.

There should be effort put on optimising what was wrong before and then creating new UI. Now you are adding errors on top of previous errors.
There are plenty of things that annoys me so far. I hope it will get better over time but for now I have to drop WiP again in order to have my productivity back.

The UI computes the display size of the buttons and attempts to find a image frame that is greater than or equal to the display size then stretches the image to fit. Legacy RUI files included three image sizes, 16, 24 and 32. display size for a button is also affected by your Windows DPI setting, if you request a button size of 24 and your Windows DPI setting is set to 150% then the actual button size in pixels is 24 x 1.5 or 36 so Rhino should take the 32x32 icon in your file and stretch it to fit the requested size. This is the same thing Rhino 7 does when using the embedded 32bit icons in a RUI file. You can send me your custom RUI file and I can take a look at what is happening.

You can dock to the right, left above or below using the new system in the same manner as Rhino 7. The one difference is target grips were added when docking to indicate which side the container will get docked. Drop your container on the grip to dock it at that location.

Containers are collections of panels and/or toolbars. The command line is a special widget and has never been able to be grouped with other panels or toolbars. Please see my previous post regarding docking next to, above or below a container.

You can use the Macros command to update your bitmaps.

Tab icons are smaller than toolbar icons by default. You can adjust the size of both of these items in the Options/Toolbars panel. The tab layout was based on the way toolbars worked which is why they are currently on the side and not the top. We can add an option to place them at the top.

The thick border is for sizing the dock band in the same manner as previous Rhino versions. You can set the size arbitrarily for a docked container and there is no longer a restriction to snap them to toolbar button size. The button size snapping was removed because a container may contain tab panels or toolbars.

I checked on this and it appears the container layout does not update until after you resize the container or pick another tab and come back to the one you set the property for. I logged this as a bug RH-69833.

These new containers look great, thumbs up for this bottom pin, great addition

Please add the option to place toolbar tab icons at the top.


I logged this feature request as RH-69840.

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OK, I see you have to hit the tiny blue boxes precisely with the mouse cursor to get them to dock. I was expecting that when they just showed up that it would accept the position.

That’s better, thanks.

OK, both Containers and Macros need to be accessible from Options>Toolbars - doesn’t make sense to have them as command line/menu items only when everything else concerning toolbars etc. is in Options.

BTW, Containers has a menu entry under Panels, but Macros doesn’t. Thinking further, I’m wondering in fact if the Panels menu item needs to be replaced with a Workspace menu item that would give access to panels, toolbars, containers, macros etc. without going through Options.


This guy (sidebar) keeps coming back even after I close it.

I close it, go do something else and come back an a few minutes and it’s there again.

If I open a closed toolbar via the Containers dialog I can actually move it around while the panel is open, that’s good. If I dock it however, it disturbs the docking of a toolbar next to it and they are then frozen until I close the Containers dialog, not so good.

I think something like this would be more user friendly. While dragging popup on ceter shows, and you can drop your cursor on part of this popup:

Hi Mitch -

You’re thinking of something like this?

Do you, by any chance, run the Toolbar command in between? I see that doing so makes that pop up again. RH-69851 Toolbar: Command restores Rhinoceros Sidebar > Main

Filed as RH-69849 Docking: Allow arranging docked containers with “Containers” open

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We definitely need to revisit the panels menu and figure out where the new commands belong. We have had the feature turned on internally for awhile but I could not mess with the menus until we turned the feature on for real.

This one is a little trickier as the Containers dialog is intended to be modal. I will explore an option to make the dialog modeless the problem is the container system is fluid and can change by tearing off, adding or removing tabs which means the Containers UI would have to listen to all of those events.