Tiny tabs in the latest beta

I notice that there is no more control over tab size in the latest beta.

This is a recent change… here’s a comment from the developers report on it…

@JohnM “Toolbar tabs now apply the Windows DPI scale when displaying so there is no reason to provide additional size options in the “Options/Toolbars/Sizes adn Sytles” page, remove the “Tab Size” option from this page.”

Does changing your Windows DPI setting work for controlling tab size?

There were several bugs outstanding where tab sizes did not work correctly across all of the different tabs in Rhino. It was also strange that the tab size setting was stuck under the toolbars section of options. We were hoping that we could eliminate this option and just pick an appropriate size based on the other user interface elements (and current DPI settings).

Are the tabs too small for your taste?

Yes, they are to small. One need to be familiar with Rhino and experienced user to recognize them on the fly.

Yes, way too small. I tried increasing the DPI but that just looks ridiculous. The tabs got slightly larger, but that’s not a good solution. The user shouldn’t be forced to change their complete computer user experience just to force the Rhino tabs to a reasonable size.

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I completely agree and that was never the intent of this change. I think Brian was just trying to help the best he could given the information that he had at his disposal. It is definitely not our intent to force you to change your operating system display settings to get Rhino to work for you.

I noticed in your image that you have your buttons set to large and we may not be taking that into account when computing the tab size (which to me seems like something we should do)

@Piotr, do you also have your button size set to large?

Mine are set to medium, the way I like most (my screens are 1600 to 1920 px wide, no 4K yet).
It is no big deal for me, I use rhino for over 7 years and I have memorized the positions of all toolbars. Watching other people learning Rhino I know how important it is to immediately navigate to the right toolbar (otherwise the learning process will be frustrating).

That’s why we default to having both the icon and text for toolbar tabs.

Sure, but then they occupy lots of the precious screen space and, at the same time, limits the number of visible toolbars.
Why not make both (tab and coomand icon) of the same size?

I made a bugtrack issue for this and will try to get to it soon