Can't dock the menu on top

Seems you can only dock one toolbar so the command bar is floating or the menu bar respectively. Is this also intended UI behavior change for version 8 as the undockable popup?

I have 3 docked on my V8.
Dock the Command window first. Click/drag the title into the large lavender bar.

Click/drag the Standard Toolbars container under the docked Command window. Your mouse pointer has to touch the center lavender target point.

Click/drag the Osnap toobar to the right target point on the docked Command window, then drag the border from the middle to where you want it.

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@John_Brock the “center lavender target point” did the trick. This is a new behavior that you have to hit it. Was not the case in Windows 7. Which was more intuitive as you didn’t have to consider anything, it just worked everywhere.

Yes, this is new for V8 and getting the U/I to work for both Windows and Mac.
It was not intuitive for me at first either but it works well and the tradeoff seems to be worth it.



Thank you John!