New UI for PictureFrame

The Bye bye BackgroundBitmaps thread has gotten quite long. So I thought would start fresh.

I’ve committed most of the UI work for the new and improved Picture (a.k.a. PictureFrame) command. Here is the YouTrack item I am working on:

Basically, the wish is for the Picture/PictureFrame command to define plane surfaces just like the Plane command does - using the same UI, point picking code, etc., all the while drawing the selected picture.

I’ve added a new Picture test command that you can use to try out the new UI. The only option not implemented is Vertical.

Let me know what you think.

– Dale

@bobmcneel, @pascal, thoughts?

It is on the right road, I’d say. I guess the aspect ratio constraints are not in for Vertical but the rest look OK so far. One thing I noticed is that, depending on what else is in the scene, it is easy to get the preview clipped near or far, or both, as you place it. It is possible, if there is nothing else in the scene to get in a situation in Perspective where the entire preview is clipped, i.e. disappears.


I like the realtime preview Dale, nice job!

I’m noticing two issues…

This is for @andy. It should be the same for the old PictureFrames.

I don’t know who this is for, but you should see the same problem when placing a rectangle of any kind… I don’t think it has anything to do with what Dale is doing.

@pascal, can you try other rectangles. You should see the same problem with anything that uses the rectangle creation code.


I think there is one setting missing on the object. On the old PictureFrame this is an option for SelfIllumination=Yes. That needs to be always set to Yes, per the prototype help document. (Not very clear since it will show in a different place when the new material UI is ready.)

In the old material UI, you can see Diffuse Lighting Enabled is not checked when you use the old PictureFrame command.

Keep in mind that the Picture test command is just to test the new UI. When finished and approved, I’ll port the UI to the existing PictureFrame command, rename the command, and tune up anything else per the design document.

No, the others do not get clipped- it looks to me like the objects already in the scene set the clipping and the constrained aspect ratio in Picture sends the preview past the clipping if it gets big enough because the preview does not only follow the mouse as it does in just rectangle, if you see what I mean.

e.g. make just one box. In Perspective, back the view out a little and start Picture - place the first point somewhat closer to the camera than the box and drag the second point back toward the camera- no preview can be seen at all.

Also, so far I do not see an email that corresponds to your @-ing me above… do you get this one? @bobmcneel


I believe I have fixed the clipping issue reported by both @BrianJ and @pascal. Please test in a V6 build equal to or later than revision 103113.

Also (for fun), I looked up a “1To1” option. Tell me what you think…

– Dale

The clipping issue I was seeing is probably different than Pascal’s as Bob pointed out so I’ll let PG proof that one. I still get clipping but I’m sure it’s the 3D mouse and unrelated to your work.

The 1 to 1 option is sweet but it’s half sized here in my tests. Here’s a 12’‘x6’’ png that comes in at 6x3 in inch templates using 1 to 1. The same half sized import can be seen in other templates too like mm where the width will be 152.4 (or 6’’). I tried different dpi settings wondering if that were a factor but it doesn’t appear to matter. This sample image is 72dpi.

There way a flaw in the “1To1” option that I fixed this morning. It was still applying the aspect ratio (used when not in 1To1 mode.

This might be up for debate. :wink:

LeadTools, the library we use to read all kinds of bitmaps, reports the file as being 150 DPI.

Paint Shop Pro reports the file being at 200 DPI.

If you scanned this, you might want to save it as either TIFF or JPG.

Photoshop says it’s 72, and 690 by 345 pixels… mmm mmm mmm = 9.58 by 4.79.

Hmmm- kinda in the ballpark of the ratio of 72:96 compared to 6 by 12.


Download the image not RMB>save image as from the post. I’m guessing this is why you get the wrong dimensions.

this is from photoshop…

By doing this, along with the fix I made this morning, the image inserts correctly at 12 x 6…

@dale It looks like the Vertical 1to1 doesn’t work as expected yet. Am I confused?

No, you are not confused…

I just committed the Vertical option UI updates. Now I will go to work on making 1To1 work correctly in all options.

@Dale, With the Center and standard 2 pick option, it seems like the second pick point is always the vertical edge. It doesn’t feel right.

It needs to switch to the edge that would make the largest picture.

In other words, the mouse should always be tracking on the edge of the picture.

@dale, with 1To1, can a preview follow the cursor around? On my MacBookAir (intel graphics) at least, I only see the the cursor until I click.