Hey, come here often?

As I said I am embracing change!

Might as well ask a question…

Can we have “fog” back as a test command? One day fog+ pen display+ section cut that actually shows fill will equal an awesome raster “drawing”.


Hey Aaron,

Yes, fog and other atmospheric effects are something I plan on getting into Rhino…It’s just not considered a high priority item at the moment.


I would say the display of clipping plane fill in the tech display modes is essential for the mode be used as a make 2d substitute … it is is so tantalizing to see that nice dark CUT line in shaded or rendered and then so sad to see it not work when in pen mode… although, to be honest, fill is barely working in any mode on the current release.



Jeff lives!!! Really good news.


Hi Aaron,

Can you send in a 3dm to tech@mcneel.com where the clipping plane fill isn’t working for you? It might be that the object isn’t closed which I think effects the fill. In any case, I will file a bug if something isn’t working right.

Brian J.

I hadn’t heard rumors that Jeff was dead. :wink:

On which forum have you been hiding?..

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I had pushed the Reply button, basically replying to the original message. I then deleted that post, resulting in a (post removed by author) and started a reply to Heath’s message but then got the message that the body of the message was too similar to something that I had previously posted. I guess that also helps against spam.]

@sam Yes, I have gotten this a couple of times as well, for example just now when I forgot to capitalize a word and went back in to fix it, but couldn’t…

We are going to get this sorted this week, its been reported elsewhere. (the one char edit issue)

@sam Not sure if you guys sorted this out or not. But I’m having this problem currently. For slightly uptight nerds like myself, this is super annoying. As a workaround, I’ve taken to adding more text just to fix a one character issue.