Anyone willing to share a Display style when using Clipping Plane?

Hi all,

I’ve played around, but haven’t found a Display style that both looks like a good Line drawing in Layout space, and also gives clean Dimension pick points. Maybe that’s just on my system that I don’t get clean grabs on intersecting Crvs to grab with my dim tool? But anyway…

Is anyone willing to share with the group?

(FYI, thank you to @pascal for the Hatch Material I assign m=to my Clipping Plane folder, and now looks good with the most recent RH6 update - Please let me know Pascal, and I will re-post the Material on this thread)

Thanks, all.

I made this one which I like. Let me know what you think.
Peter - Arctic w Outline.ini (11.5 KB)

Hey @PeterB

Thanks so much! That looks really nice and sleek.

While it doesn’t take care of it looking like a Line Drawing (Like Pen style, etc) it does fix my problem with Dimension pick points. I’m going to study the style and see where you made tweaks that might be the thing that helps.

I will post any updates that work well for me. Thanks again, Peter. Really great look!

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